PUGNAT BROTHERS are taking considerable steps to conserve natural resources and are committed to a sustainable development approach on a long term basis.

Optimal Management.

Existing natural resources, reusing and recycling, quarry materials, transport distances....

Carbon Footprint.

Included in responses to tenders and site preparations using a software simulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing consumption.

Fuel with the introduction of eco-driving along with adequate training for machine operators.


As a major tool for integration, promotion, professional development and way to develop trade skills.


For a strong business committment supported by firm actions and a proactive approach supported by specialist partners.

Works procedures.

In environmental matters respecting in particular biodiversity and in a more general way, the living environment.



PUGNAT FRERES has always placed a high priority on health and safety at work. In the long term, it would like to involve its collaborators in health and accident prevention issues by taking a different approach to these sensitive subjects.
Because we consider that accidents are morally unacceptable and will effect the smooth running of a business, our key objective is to find a permanent and lasting improvement in this area with respect to both the PUGNAT FRERES employees as well as external businesses that work with us.
Our approach is based on the conviction and the awareness that all accidents could be avoided with the right organization and correct behaviour, which includes sourcing good equipment and having the right material conditions.

Our safety policy is based on:

• Prevention through risk analysis prior to any operation,
• Training everyone involved to increase level of competancy
• Compliance with all regulations and procedures,
• Dialogue and communication, in particular safety check visits,
• Effective analysis of accidents and incidents to avoid them occurring again.

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